Bluetooth Programmer for JY-MCU

After searching the internet for far far too long I stumbled upon a link to a sketch that would allow an Arduino to act as an FTDI cable (at least I think that is how it works). I needed this to change some settings on my JY-MCU bluetooth controller with a breakout board.

At first it would not function as expected with only "AT" receiving a response from the bluetooth controller. After messing around a bit I wanted to try and get a feel for the length of time it took the Arduino to read input from the serial monitor.

Using an LED for an indicator I changed the code and eventually added delay(10) so I could actually see the LED blink. Low-and-behold the thing worked! So I removed the excess code and commented before putting it here so others can use and hopefully benefit from it. The code is based on Tom Igoe's code who based his on Mikal Hart's code. As always, procede at your own risk!